Free urban buses for school students

Free urban buses for school students

Free fares for school students in 2024

Travel to school and after school to visit friends and whanau or get to your sports and other activities for free on Bayhopper and Cityride urban buses. 

Free travel applies for school students aged 5-18 years.

Get your Bee Card ready with a concession and you are good to go!

Catching the bus is easy!

Check your local bus timetables and plan your journey using the journey planner, Transit app or on

Take a practise run to school.

  • Arrive at your stop in plenty of time
  • When your bus is approaching, signal the driver with a raised arm or a wave
  • Have your Bee Card ready and tag on when you get on the bus
  • Relax, enjoy the ride
  • Press the stop button once to alert the driver before your bus stop
  • Tag off with your Bee card when leaving, so you get your free travel. (If you don’t tag off you’ll be charged a full fare).

There are also dedicated school bus services available for some Tauranga schools.